The Rouge House's mission is to be the premiere supper-club, recording studio, Internet radio station, and film production studio for the New Orleans market in all genres of music including R & B, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Brass Bands, Latin, Rock, Reggae, and Gospel music. Located in New Orleans’ historic French Quarter, just five doors from The House of Blues, The Rouge House, artists will record, produce, distribute, promote, and perform original music at an affordable price. Our goal for The Rouge House is to be a “green” facility relying mostly on solar energy and recyclable and sustainable products to operate its facility. Also, we are researching opportunities for our Chef to serve organic produce grown by the highly favored Aquaponics form of farming on our rooftop.


According to the director of the Louisiana Small Business Center and Northwestern University, there are 884 clubs within 10 miles of our selected location and given their data, mostly profitable. Industry trends, overall and nationwide, are looking up. The nightclub industry is expected to realize an annual 2.5% growth rate hitting $22.4 billion by 2018. We make the assumption that the New Orleans market will experience a higher than average rate of growth than the national market since it is a destination location for travelers whose primary focus is to engage in night-club/supper-club activities and celebratory events such as The Essence Festival, Mardi Gras, The Jazz Festival, etc.